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The pressure fan of the ventilation facilities and anion cool and cool the system , view to make fog and lower the temperature in the systematic industry and outdoor radiator to raise the refined company and deep plough, multiple products obtain the patent right even more, the products use the aspect , stretch over worker , commerce and agricultural livestock breeding industry , the marketing surface has already spread all over three places and Southeast Asia of two sides, has welcomed OEM & ODM and whole factory to plan to consult.

Since raising the refined international Limited Company and is established, insist policy , cut the market in order to high-quality , high quality powerful strength dish. We have professional outstanding personnel of R&D who research and develop the new products, can offer different demands and specialized consultation to the customer . With specialized project personnel, our company has ability of whole factory's planning . Each case finished that at present to plan to construct in installation in Taiwan, all certainly receive every big companying and lasting support.

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